July 21, 2021

A beautiful reminder for your day today. Better days are coming. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock A+beautiful

July 16, 2021

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bartlett family and our incredible local law enforcement. 💙 One community, always.

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Our+thoughts

July 14, 2021

We are grateful for our sweet patients, our dedicated staff, and for a new and beautiful day! What are you grateful for? 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+are

July 8, 2021

Meet Flo Nimry, BRIDGE Hospice’s Community Liaison and Hometown Queen of Levelland, Texas! 👑 Flo loves a good patio! You can find her kicked back with a cocktail listening to live music whether it is in Lubbock, or at her cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico! 🎶 When Flo isn’t trying to catch her grandson playing live music in Lubbock, you can find her meeting with patients & families and doing all she can to help make their lives easier. ✨ A true romantic at heart, Flo’s favorite movie is The Notebook! Which is a perfect example of how big her heart truly is. 🥰 Flo loves spending time with friends and family, and especially her newest addition: a pocket sized Schitzu named Halo! 🐶When you see her, be sure to ask her how much of an angel he really is! 😉 Flo has never met a stranger, and treats everyone she meets like family. She has a dearly caring heart that shines through her work every day. ⭐️ Because of you, Flo, BRIDGE Hospice is the right choice. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Meet+Flo

July 7, 2021

Did you know? 🤔 We are here to serve you and your family! Contact us at 806-993-3900 for a free consultation. BRIDGE Hospice is the right choice. 🧡

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July 4, 2021

Land of the Free & Home of the Brave. Happy 4th of July! ❤️💙 Have a safe and memorable day from BRIDGE Hospice! 🎆🎇

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Land+of

July 2, 2021

We are hiring! 👏🏼 We are seeking a compassionate individual to serve as the BRIDGE Hospice Chaplain. Email your resume to or give us a call at 806-993-3900 for more information! We can’t wait to hear from you. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+are

July 1, 2021

At BRIDGE Hospice, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your family will always be taken care of. ✨ BRIDGE Hospice is the right choice. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock At+BRIDGE

June 25, 2021

Meet, Lora Rivera, one of BRIDGE Hospice’s outstanding CNAs and our designated high roller. 👏🏼 Lora works really hard during the week but when it comes to taking a vacation, she is known to win big. When you see her out and about be sure to ask her about her $10,000 jackpot! She sure knows when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, when to walk away and when to run. 🎶 When not working hard or on vacation you may see her at her favorite local spots: Albarran’s for street tacos and Chilton’s, Urban Tea for her colorful pick me up, or Happy’s for her spicy shaved ice. 🤩 2 fun facts about Lora are that she loves horror films like The Conjuring, and she has 9 grandchildren. Family movie nights must be a real fright fest!😱 When it comes to CNAs Lora is one of the best. She treats her patients like family. Her favorite quote is “Being positive isn’t pretending that everything is good. It’s seeing the good in everything.” Lora exudes this every day in every way. We love this quality about you Lora, and other should too! ✨ Because of you, Lora, BRIDGE Hospice is the RIGHT choice. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Meet,+Lora

June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day from BRIDGE Hospice! 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Happy+Father’s

June 18, 2021

We are so excited to celebrate our CNA’s this week! 🎉 Thank you for being a positive and vital asset to the BRIDGE Hospice family. Thank you for providing compassionate care to your patients and residents. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. 👏🏼 Because of you, BRIDGE Hospice is the right choice. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+are

June 14, 2021

Did you know? Hospice can happen at home! 🏡 Check out this informational graphic to learn more about how we can help you. BRIDGE Hospice is the right choice! 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Did+you

June 7, 2021

Here’s some fun to cure your Monday Blues! 😝 We sure love our BRIDGE Hospice nurses. They can always find a way to put a smile on your face! ☺️🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Here’s+some

June 4, 2021

Meet, Christina Holman, BRIDGE Hospice’s Director of Nursing and Chilton Connoisseur! 😉 Christina has been with us since day 1 and played an intricate role in building the culture and foundation that is BRIDGE Hospice. 👏🏼 She is a loving and compassionate RN but also has a deep abiding love for “her man”, George Strait. You might even find a life-sized cut of him hiding somewhere in her home that she’s hung onto since middle school. We guess all of his exes really do live in Texas! 🤠 It might surprise you to find out that this self-proclaimed princess loves to camp out with the family and attend outdoor cookoffs. Her favorite being Bob Wills in Turkey, Texas. 🏕 When it comes to hospice, Christina really knows her stuff. We are absolutely blessed to have such an amazing DON who is dedicated to our team and our patients. ✨ Because of you, Christina, BRIDGE Hospice is the RIGHT choice. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Meet,+Christina

June 2, 2021

It’s OFFICIAL! 🎉 BRIDGE Hospice has cared for 100 patients and their families in the Lubbock and surrounding areas. We have been honored to be part of your lives. 💙 We are so proud of our team and the love and compassion they exude every day. ✨ To BRIDGE Hospice you are family. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock It’s+OFFICIAL!

May 31, 2021

It was a true honor to partner with Brookdale Monterey to honor these Veterans for their service! 💙❤️ Today and every day we remember those who have died in service to our country. We cannot thank all service members enough for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day! 🇱🇷

Bridge Hospice Lubbock It+was

May 26, 2021

Our mission is to make a difference in your life. With care, compassion, and love, we will be there for you! At BRIDGE Hospice, you are family. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Our+mission

May 17, 2021

🧡 STAFF SPOTLIGHT 🧡 Meet, Bruce Rocap, BRIDGE Hospice’s Director of Business Development, Veteran benefits extraordinaire and our resident comedian. 👏🏼 When he is not busy supporting families with his vast hospice experience ……you can find him on the Lakeridge Golf Course hunting down his golf ball and maybe a club or two. ⛳️ A perfect ending to the golf day is his favorite stop, The 19th Hole (which he calls home) where he enjoys grillin’ and chillin’ with his wife and daughter. 👨‍👩‍👧 Bruce’s favorite movie is Caddyshack. Next time you see him ask him about his favorite scene and you are guaranteed a full-on monologue. 🏌🏻‍♂️ Bruce is one of the kindest and most dedicated individuals in the Lubbock region and he has dedicated his career to hospice and helping local families. 🙌🏼 Because of you, Bruce, BRIDGE Hospice is the RIGHT choice. 💙

Bridge Hospice Lubbock 🧡+STAFF

May 14, 2021

Happy National Hospital week! We want to honor all of our hospitals in Lubbock for all that they do. 🧡 UMC, Covenant Hospital, Lubbock Heart Hospital, Brownfield Regional, and South Plains Rehab Hospital 🧡 Thank you for supporting our community and keeping us safe. We celebrate you! 🙌🏼#NationalHospitalWeek

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Happy+National

May 13, 2021

We had a wonderful time spoiling our nurses for National Nurses week! 😊 We celebrate nurses every day, but we are thankful that they have an entire week dedicated to honoring them for all that they do! 🧡 At BRIDGE Hospice, you are family!

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+had

May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day from BRIDGE Hospice! We send gratitude to all of the superhero’s out there, and we honor the memory of those who will stay in our hearts forever! 🧡 Have a wonderful day!

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Happy+Mother’s

May 7, 2021

We want to say a huge thank you to PAINT Nail Bar Lubbock for their generosity & donations to BRIDGE in the month of April. 🙌🏼 These donations are incredible and will be used by Dave’s Wish to support local hospice patients. We are so grateful to have such a supporting and loving community! 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+want

May 6, 2021

Thank you for all that you do, all that you give, and all that you are. We 🧡 our nurses! Comment below and tag a nurse who has impacted your life!

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Thank+you

May 5, 2021

Happy Cinco De Mayo! 🎊 We had a fabulous time at our little fiesta today! What did you do to celebrate? 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Happy+Cinco

April 29, 2021

One year ago today we welcomed our Mini Coopers into the BRIDGE Hospice family 🤩 We are so thankful for the light that these beauties bring to our lives every day. If you see us around town, be sure and give us a friendly honk! 🧡🚙

Bridge Hospice Lubbock One+year

April 14, 2021

👋🏼 Hey, you! 👋🏼 Here’s your daily reminder to think positive! 🧡 We believe in you. Spread some kindness today!

Bridge Hospice Lubbock 👋🏼+Hey,

April 13, 2021

Shoutout to The Ruffled Cup Lubbock for all of the delicious cupcakes they gifted us! It sure was a sweet donation! 🧁💕

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Shoutout+to

April 4, 2021

Happy Easter from BRIDGE! Have a blessed day! 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Happy+Easter

April 1, 2021

We are excited to partner with PAINT Nail Bar Lubbock! We are proud to make an impact in the community, and appreciate any donations made towards our cause! 🧡 Swipe through the photos to learn more! 🙌🏼

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+are

March 31, 2021

🏀 COACH BEARD! 🏀 BRIDGE Hospice would love to offer you free rides in our Mini Coops FOR LIFE! 🙌🏼 We want our neighbor across the street to ride in style! 😎

Bridge Hospice Lubbock 🏀+COACH

March 30, 2021

Happy Doctors Day from BRIDGE Hospice! We are so grateful for our heroes! 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Happy+Doctors

March 25, 2021

We are here to support you and your loved ones. We are here to help you find the resources you need. It is okay to ask for help! Give us a call today! At BRIDGE Hospice, you are family.🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock We+are

March 19, 2021

BRIDGE Hospice is hiring! 🧡 We are seeking a kind and compassionate individual to join our team as an office assistant! Email your resume to or give us a call at tel:806-993-3900 for more information! We can’t wait to hear from you. 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock BRIDGE+Hospice

March 16, 2021

Social workers change the world! 🌎 Today is International Social Worker Day and we are so very proud of our’s at BRIDGE! Our social worker, Mindy McDonald is the BEST! She truly changes our world at BRIDGE. 👏🏼 Thank you for all you do! 🧡

Bridge Hospice Lubbock Social+workers